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Your Life Is Now

Your Life Is Real. Your Life Is Not a Game.

What is currently “Is” in your life’s journey towards its fulfilment?

"Forget about your life situation and pay attention to your life.

Your life situation exists in time. Your life situation is all mind-stuff.

Your life is real.

Don’t be distracted by your life circumstances (your situation) but for a season and will pass you with its consequences and lessons.

However, you must not be focused on your life’s situation but in your real life, which is “Now”- Your Real life.

Your Life is Now.

What are you intentionally investing in your Life Now?

I want to awaken your awareness about how critically important your “Now” is so you can seize the moment of your “Now” instead of getting engrossed and entertaining your situation (circumstances).

Your “Now” should be the center of your focus and your situation is a distraction from your Now that will eventually inform the outcome of your future.

We must all be disciplined and committed to redeeming the times for the days ahead are evil by focusing our full attention on what is important but not urgent in our day-to-day activities.

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