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Your Comfort Zone - Is NOT Where The Growth Happens.

Where then does it happen?

Good question if I may say,

Now follow my line of thoughts and narratives below for some enlightenment if you may.

What do I mean by your comment zone-

"a situation where one feels safe or at ease"

a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results.

"if you stay within your comfort zone you will never improve"

If you genuinely want to grow then you will have to shift from your " comfort zone"

You see,

Your Comfort Zone Leads You To No Where.

Do you want to go forward in pursuit of your purpose and eventual destiny?

Then listen to this my friend-

Life they say begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Seriously, give serious attention to your comfort zone - it leads to a rotten disposition.

You are not created to be docile and motionless but for actions that is dynamic creative and innovative lifestyle that challenges your comfort zones.

Challenge it, in this new year 2024 if you want to grow and glow with new and upgraded outcomes.

A new year and a new you.

The time is now during this festive season for a review.

I challenge you to shift from your comfort zone by changing your attitude (status co) for there is more in you yet to be discovered, develop and deploy in 2024.

Begin Now to plan urgently and timely towards your growth and development for 2024.

How far do you want to go with your personal development in 2024?

If you are not growing, it means you are dying slowly but steadily.

Are you walking the thought of committing valuable time towards achieving your plan towards your assignment?

There is more in you to offer so you have need to get into your assignment for your fulfilment for 2024.

Never too old to achieve.

"Seeking comfort is a natural human condition.

I resist comfort.

I realize that, if you want special outcomes, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable."

-Coach Mike Tomlin

That’s the way to go in 2024 for trail blazers like you in this digital and A.I. age.

Start 2024 right.

You If you are going to quit something, quit:


Blaming others

Taking shortcuts


Being afraid to fail

Doubting yourself

Unhealthy habits

Living in your comfort zone

Saying I can’t/won’t/don’t


Giving up-Jon Beck

Don’t worry choose to be happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your friend and Encourager.

Compliments of this season to you.


Jesus Christ is the reason for me season .

Merry Christmas my friends ❤️🎄🎈🎉😃

I am receiving the New Year 2024 with focus and inspiration.

I am setting my intentions with positive thoughts.

I affirm that I am strong, ready and willing to achieve my set goals for 2024.

I do so declare to the universe of my bold commitments, intentions and desires for 2024

What about you?🤔


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