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Your Indispensable Common Denominator!!!

What is your common denominator? What the heck is that, I hear you ask? Good question. Come with me to explore this all important topical subject. Now listen, read further and follow me with a rap attention, without any distraction as if you life depends on it, as it does. Have you ever been following an event, lets say a sports contest or an election, and you got to the point where it seemed the outcome was certain, so you decided to move on... only to wake up the next day to find out that there had been a seemingly MIRACULOUS comeback and the loser turned out to be the WINNER? How, time and time again, do business people, professional athletes, sports teams, entertainers, soldiers, people with dire health or financial situations, from every walk of life, OVERCOME seemingly insurmountable obstacles and beat the odds? What is the common denominator?

You, it ALL comes down to You.

And your - RELENTLESS POSITIVITY - They NEVER GIVE UP. This is the single most important determining factor of what kind of life you will experience. So many people get caught up in the paralysis of analysis and spend their time getting ready to get ready, but it is those that take positive decisive action that bust through whatever may be holding them back. How you perceive your situation is the only thing that makes it the way it is. CHANGE the perception of your situation and your situation changes. Control your thoughts and YOU control the outcome. It is the power of positive thinking but it is not just superficial, it is RELENTLESS POSITIVITY. Make up your mind, right this second, that you are NOT a victim of circumstance... As of this moment, YOU are taking control of the situation. YOU cannot be kept down... "It is NOT what you do ULTIMATELY that brings victory, it IS what you do NEXT." - Walter Kerr If you have an obstacle that you want to break through as we all do and need help and direction to explore. Then let me recommend my book to you - "The Nuggets Of Encouragement"

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"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." Henry David Thoreau

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