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You Achieve By Your Desire, Not Just Your Will Power.

Your will power won't DO it.

It requires more more than that.

You Can’t Willpower Your Way To Success.

What is will power-

Will Power is the ability to control yourself : strong determination that allows you to do something difficult (such as to lose weight or quit smoking)


WILLPOWER is the ability to control one's own actions, emotions, or urges; also : strong determination that allows one to do something ...

Now Listen to me my friend,

Have you ever looked at someone and said, “Man, I wish I had their willpower.”

You see them getting up at 5am, eating their pre-planned meal, hitting the gym, and crossing off today’s To-Do’s before you’re even getting out of bed.

You wonder how the heck they do it.

How are they able to push through day after day and week after week and month after month?! Their willpower must be a genetic anomaly, right?!

Well, if you look closely you’ll realize it’s not willpower that is driving them.

It’s desire.

Willpower is when you push yourself to do something that needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it.

It’s the self-discipline to ignore what you’re feeling and any other obstacles and do it anyway. Desire, however, is far stronger than willpower.

Desire -Desire is defined as physically longing for something. An example of desire is the feeling before a goodnight kiss. noun. The definition of desire is to wish for or crave something.

An example of desire is to really want a piece of chocolate cake.

Desire is when you do something because you want to, not because you have to. You may be thinking no one wants to wake up at 5 am and eat chicken and veggies every day... but the truth is that when you want an end result, then you can absolutely transfer that desire onto taking the right actions.

Desire, therefore, is something you can control.

It’s hard to at first, but gets easier over time.

Don’t believe me? Try this…

Tomorrow, don’t say, “I have to work out today.” Instead say, “I want to work out today.”

Instead of saying, “I have to eat a salad today” say “I want to eat a salad today.”

Instead of “I have to go to sleep earlier” say “I want to go to sleep earlier.”

I bet it’ll already be easier to do those things just by changing the word “have” to “want.”

And just think how much easier everything will be as you change your mindset to match those words!

To take it to the next step add “so I can…”

“I want to work out today so I can buy some new clothes.”

“I want to eat a salad today so I have the energy to play with my kids.”

“I want to go to sleep earlier so I can feel get a jump-start on tomorrow.”

It’s desire, not willpower, which will lead you to long-term success and make your habits easier.

Hope that helps - By Devon Brown

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You are blessed to be a blessing

I am your friend and Encourager.

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