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Would You Consider Decluttering Your Marriage?

By -Cindy and Steve Wright- Marriage Missions

Happy beginning of a new year!

As we head deeper into this New Year, it’s a great time to re-evaluate and change out a few things that didn’t work out so well for us in the past. Why should we drag that, which isn’t working well into a brand new year? Why not work out a few of the kinks? Or why not work together on finding new way of approaching troublesome matters? Isn’t that all a part of marrying? It’s about working to marry your approaches to your life together, so it works better for both of you and for your relationship. Just try not to tackle too much at once. Clean out a small relational closet so to speak. And then tackle another. If you take on too much at once it may hurt your relationship more than help it. Take one baby step at a time. Eventually, you’ll make a lot of truly good progress in marrying your lives together. Prayerfully re-evaluate and have a few “good” sit-down talks together. We say, “good” because you want to approach this God’s ways of doing it, not our go by our natural tendencies. It’s easy for us to mess things up with our human, selfish tendencies. Oftentimes it can be reduced to “my, my, my... me, me, me—what I fell I need the most.” We can too readily throw our marriage partnership off to the side. And when we do, where does that take our marriage? It can break it. So, just make sure you’re prayerful about all of this. Remember, “a cord of three strands” (with the Lord being in the middle of your relationship) “is not easily broken.” Pray, evaluate, work things through, rearrange, declutter, and grow in your love relationship and in your living conditions with each other. You may have to have several smaller “talks” over a course of time, but that’s okay. It’s all a part of marrying. To help us start this process we’re going to share 3 questions and a few thoughts that “marriage experts” Bob & Yvonne Turnbull have written. Plus, we’ll tack on a few thoughts of our own in [brackets]. … CONTINUE READING ...

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