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The 5 Components of A Leader’s Emotional Intelligence (EI)

This is a subject that captivate my soul more than any other subject, I have had to learn in my personal development growth journey.

“A true leader cannot out perform beyond his or her level of EI (Emotional Intelligence)” #adime

I cannot seem to get enough of it as it is critically fundamental and central to my pursuit of leadership excellence as a leader of thought and processes.

What then is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of control, and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathically.

Emotional Intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand use and manage your emotions in positive ways to relieve stress communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.


Leaders with high emotional intelligence outperform those with low emotional intelligence.

Emotional intel can be learned and developed.

5 Component of Emotional Intelligence.

1. Self Awareness -

Knowing your moods, drives and it’s effects on others, self deprecation humour and not taking yourself too seriously.

Emotional intelligence allow you to relate to yourself and to others.

Most of us do not have the ability to see ourselves- we blind to our self.

The last we know of ourselves is the last we know of ourselves.

Consistency in moods, values and in my principles of leadership

Openness and transparency

Willingness to address weaknesses without being defensive.

Be aware of your short comings an

Understanding your values and what is important to you.

2 Self Regulation-

Discipline and accountability - willingness and openness to change

The most difficult challenge for leadership is leading myself.

Trust in yourself and your ability.

Setting standard for yourself

3 Motivation -

Develop a strong drive to achieve, optimism even in the face of failure, organisational commitment-are they really committed?

Set standard for yourself and make sure you set your standards higher.

Leadership never set standard for themselves than they set for others.

4 Empathy towards those you lead and those who are not as gifted as you.

5 Social skills-ability to be persuasive and relatable.

Now how do you assess your own emotional intelligence?

To find out more click on the link below -

What are 4 main domains of Emotional Intelligence?

The 4 domains of Emotional Intelligence are-

· Self Awareness

· Self Management

· Social Awareness

· Relational Management

Tame and keep your EMOTIONS in check if you must gain the ability to handle success.

Each can help a leader face any crisis with lower level of stress, less emotions reactivity and fewer unintended consequences.

Reference Book for follow up-

Don’t worry choose to be Happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your friend and Encourager.

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