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Stop That Habit Of Complaining!

Be that CHANGE you desperately want to see.

Stop That Habit Of Complaining!

Mind my words there, I said stop being an habitual moaner.

Key word there is “habitual” - a life style of just complaining about anything or everything and never proffering a solution to any problem.

The world is looking for problem solvers and answers to questions.

You are not needed or useful if all you do is complain.

So come off your bad spot and breath.

Preserve your energy and innovative skills plus creativity for better ideas.

Have you ever seen a perpetual complainant achieving anything worthwhile.


Rather they just remain where they are.

They soon become show spoilers and an irritant.

“Complaining isn't gonna get you anywhere

Cutting corners isn't gonna get you anywhere

Playing the victim isn't gonna get you anywhere

Either you're willing to do what it takes to reach your goals, or not!“ M Smith

Remember that resentment or blame only brings more of it to You.

"No matter how tired people get from complaining, they aren't nearly as tired as the people who have to listen to them complain.

Just imagine that for a minute.

If you're truly unhappy, don't - Harry Petsanis

Take the focus off yourself and start serving others instead of complaining or moaning.

The sooner the better for you.

Once you give a break to constantly talking about yourself, praising yourself and worshiping your achievements and begin to serve others you will finally receive more than expected. Rick Godwin

Until then you will stay just where you are!

Develop the attitude of gratitude even for the little you have or your achievements and take your eyes off the current inadequacies.

Look on the brighter side of life.

That’s what make winners to continue to Win.

It’s an intentional action on your part, you must employ in all your life’s journey.

Things have a way of changing for good if only you will persevere and be grateful.

When opportunity comes preparation is too late.

Start with the intentional attitude of preparing for the best that is about to come to you.

There is greatness in you and have that picture of greatness in your minds eye and keep it functional.

Be expectant.

Don’t worry choose to be Happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your friend and Encourager.

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