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Redirect Your Energy Towards Possibilities

Are you fond of thinking of why something will not work rather than looking out for why and how it will work for your benefit?

Are you a pathological sceptic?

Suspicious and bordering on paranoia?

Do you keep a suspicious mind because of the experience of negative outcomes (unfavourable ventures), thereby short-changing yourself of new opportunities?

Are you always preoccupied with worrying after you made an important decision?

Listen to this counsel my friend, worrying is anticipating something bad is about to happen.

Worrying about the possibility of a particularly bad thing is, in a way, expecting it to happen. This sends out negative energy out to the universe and you end up attracting negativity into your life. Also, excessive worrying diverts your energy away from the things you need to do in the present moment. You become preoccupied with problems that may not even happen. So, shift your focus away from your stress.

Focus on all the things going well in your life and visualize positive outcomes.

Expect what you want and desire and you will surely get what you expect and desire.

Simple as ABC.

You do not believe me, then be bold enough to try it persistently long enough and you will see for yourself.

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