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The Art Of Giving.

Give, Give, Give And Give.

The Art Of Giving.

Make Your Immediate Environment (Your Community) Good By Giving Of Yourself

The process of going demand some degree of sacrifice on the giver.

"If you aren’t willing to sacrifice for what you want, you will end up sacrificing the thing you say you want. One way or another you will make a sacrifice"!

Giving is with a sacrifice.

Give out of the resources you have been blessed with (sow back that blessing), to be a blessing to others within your immediate sphere of influence.

Most of us have received from others (significant and non significant others) but are we giving back to others as we have received?

Giving and receiving is an unending cycle of engagement virtue of life that is fundamental to our social sustenance and happiness resulting in state of indescribable inner Joy

Don’t be an armchair critic but be a cheerleader (a resource and conduit of blessing)

•Give encouragement to those around you.

•Give kindness.

•Give good words to those you see and speak to.

•Give a bigger tip today.

•Give of yourself to others

and the love will return to you.

Absolutely true!

Spreading encouragement, kindness, and positivity can create a ripple effect of goodness.

Small acts like offering kind words, leaving a bigger tip, or simply being a source of positivity can make a significant impact on someone's day.

Giving is a powerful act of kindness that can have a positive impact on the world.

When we give encouragement, kindness, and good words, we are not only making others feel good, but we are also making the world a better place.

Make your community a better place by giving.

Giving kindness and encouragement to others can have a ripple effect of positivity.

Your words and actions have the power to brighten someone's day and make a difference in their life.

Keep spreading that love and kindness, and it will come back to you in wonderful ways.

A smile and a compliment goes a long way to bring hope to someone who already lost all hope so that he or she can hope again.

Always easier said than done but we'll worth it to try.


Make it a habit and a taboo to criticize other no matter what just be tolerant and kind us much as you can and remember everyone is doing the best he can with what he knows

When you keep a positive attitude toward people eventually people will be kind toward too for no reason

Don’t worry choose to be Happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your friend and Encourager.

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