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Habits Required To Become Financially Buoyant In 2022

How could I get rich?

Being Rich is far more than just becoming a high net-worth individual.

However, for the purpose of this discuss I am referring to being financially Rich.

If you want to become rich, here are seven suggestive “poverty habits” that may limit you to a perpetual life of Low income:

  1. Plan and set goals. Rich people are visionary and goal-setters. ...

  2. Don't overspend. Man up and take full responsibility for your life-Decisions and Actions...

  3. Create multiple streams of incomes. ...

  4. Read and Educate yourself. Information and Application Is Critical ...

  5. Emotional Intelligence - You have to be Real and Mature. No sentiments

  6. Avoid toxic relationships. ...

  7. Don't engage in negative self-talk. Mindset and Limiting Beliefs ...

  8. Live a healthy lifestyle. Wellness and Mindfulness

  9. Your Spirituality is the Final Key to sustainable Financial Growth-Be led by the Spirit.

There is no magic bullet to sustainable holistic wealth without embracing the fundamental principles that underpins your growth in life.

Life in it's self is a process and you must come to it with a mindset that respect and understand clearly these vital principles for you to succeed.

To fully understand this process you must be clear about your purpose in life and to do so you will need tools and the right information about Your Dream Life

After all it is a form of a life assignment and purpose to be pursued and achieved.

How do you do this?


"Do not brag about how busy your are, instead stay accessible.

Do not brag about who you know, instead be a generous connector.

Do not brag about how much you know, instead be a mentor and a sponsor.

Do not brag about how much you make, instead give without expecting to get". V Afshar

Don't worry choose to be happy.

You are blessed to be blessing.

I am your friend and Encourager.

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