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Everyone Can Help Someone

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. — Ronald Reagan

We are wise when we look for the wisdom of others. We are strong when we honor the strength of others. We are brave when we protect the true beauty of the beings all around us.

Everyone has something beautiful to share.

Look for it in others and work to surround yourself with those who bring out your own true beauty... Beth Frates, MD

May I then share this from Joel Osteen to challenge someone today-

If the enemy can deceive you into going through life with no thirst, no passion, no zeal, thinking you’ve seen your best days, then he will keep you from your purpose.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Get thirsty again.

Start dreaming again, start believing again, start hoping again.

You are born for a purpose on purpose.

You are born a winner.

Don't worry choose to be Happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your Encourager.

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