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The Leader In You

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

“Difference makers are those who give their life a meaning through the pursuant of their dreams and purpose to give it a full expression”. Dimeji Afolabi

Who is a Leader?

Are you an aspiring leader?

Leadership qualities is in everyone who chooses to lead.

However, you must discover, develop and deploy it.

As a leader, you must love the people you aspire to lead.

You must love humanity.

Everything rises and falls on a leader.

When all else fails, a leader must be found standing.

Leadership is about influence.

There is no leadership without followers.

Leadership is about service from the front.

Leadership is about a team’s effort and team cohesion.

As a leader, you are called to primarily serve.

Leadership is a call to service.

We measure your leadership quality by how well you serve and how well you understand service through your actions and decisions.

Leadership is about accountability and ownership of responsibility.

A leader must be empathetic and graceful.

As a leader, you must apply the principle of fair play, equity, and justice processes in all your decisions and actions.

Leadership is about setting goals, casting visions for a purpose, and directions on how to achieve it.

Leadership is about loving and caring for the people you lead and serve them well by being accountable to them.

A leader must possess skills, knowledge, wisdom, be teachable, humble, a good listener, firm but fair, and open-minded.

As a leader, you must enjoy and aspire for continuous personal growth and development to improve your awareness and knowledge.

A leader must recognise that it is not about him but those he or she leads.

Leaders do not shy away from responsibility.

Leaders understand failure, admit it humbly when they fail (make the wrong decisions), and make amends going forward. That is, failing forward.

Leaders must be bold and courageous and willing to make tough and unpopular decisions promptly.

Finally, leaders are readers. They are continuous learners.

Are you a leader or do you aspire to be a leader? Make service your primary aspiration, intention and go forward to serve with all your heart and mind.

Leadership is about service.

Follow the checklist above.

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