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Be The Light That Help Others See.

Be The Encourager - Be The Light Others See.

The light that helps others see.

It takes courage to be an Encouragement to someone els.

Are you courageous enough?


How courageous are You?

The courage of an Encourager.

Are you ready and willing to be that vessel of honour by being the Light onto someon else’s darkness?

To show them the way by making yourself available by being courageous yourself to step out and step up to be an encouragement to somebody anytime and at any opportunity.

Today is the very moment someone needs your sincere expression of Encouragement.

Would you care enough to Encourage someone today?

Allow me to announce to you this beautiful day that -

You are greater than you think you are.

You have unlimited possibilities and options that can lead you to your dream.

You are here for a reason.

Your life has meaning and value.

Don't let a temporary setback get the best of you. There are many that are depending on you.

There is no question the road sometimes is very tough.

You may feel like giving up.

But you know in your heart of hearts you can't quit.

Where there's a will, there is a way.

Press through the pain.

Work through the struggle.

Let the tears flow, claim your victory and scream at the top of your lungs...

“It's not over until I win! >>> Les Brown<<<

How about that as an Encouragement for some somewhere struggling, to receive from you?

Can you narrate this to someone today who may have lost all hope of a better tomorrow.

Take the focus off yourself and go out of your comfort zone, be courageous enough to Encourage someone today.

Be the Encourager -

Don’t worry choose to be Happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your friend and Encourager .

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