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Key Coping Skills Required For Your Survival At These Perilous Times!

The Keys To Your Survival During Perilous Times And Seasons.

The current global market place is going through a lot of strain, toils and volatility currently with so much uncertainties.

When is all these going to end?

Nobody knows but it will end.

We are in and moving into a far more challenging times than we have experienced or witness in recent years with a looming recession, wars and rumour of wars, global geopolitical instabilities, economic turmoil, increasing cost of living, leading to strive with families and social welfare setups, unresolved viral pandemic threats and increasing poverty, global warming and other environmental challenges and insecurities.

How do you cope and keep your head above the waters with all these uncertainties, calamities and looming global warfare cum “3rd world war”

These are my own suggested fundamental elemental keys to your survival at this season namely-

Coping Skills-

  • Gratitude

  • Expectations - this too shall pass.

  • Visionary (see good in every bad situation)

  • Focus

  • Desire

  • Self Belief - You Can do it and will survive.

  • Prayerful

  • Faith

  • Hope

  • Attitudes

  • Commitment

  • Resilience

  • Persistence

  • Tenacity

  • Open Minded

  • Adaptability

  • Resourcefulness

  • Net Working/ Mentoring

  • Be Inspired

  • Think and speak positively- Your thoughts form your life and your life influence your thoughts,

  • Be strong, bold, courageous and KNOW that the Almighty God is with you.

Turning your adversity to an Opportunity to Grow an opportunity to increase your capacity for your opportunity.

With all these gloomy pictures lies opportunities for the visionary and open minded and risk averse folks who can see beyond the current storms and position themselves for the recovery that will emerge from it all.

An opportunity to increase your capacity and enlarge your coast.

Are you in a panic mode and pessimistic or are you open minded, adaptable and optimistic seeking new innovative ways to take advantage of these seasons.

It up to you and the choice is yours to apply the above principles to your circumstances so as to come out on scratched and better for it.

With an increased capacity to handle new challenges, for our life's journey is about overcoming and achieving new exploits for our God through touching lives.

Despite the breakup, despite who walked away, despite the hurts and loneliness, that’s not how your story ends.

That’s one chapter, but you have a whole book.

You’re still going to laugh again, love again, dream again.

When we cannot see beyond our next step or when times of uncertainty come in life—and they will come!

We have to trust God and act on the basis of the truth of His Word and trust in His Spirit's guidance!

The races is not for the swift but for the wise.

Wisdom will lead you through so make it your friend.

Don't worry choose to be Happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your friend and Encourager.

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