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You Create Your Own Fate

You are in charge of your life.

By your actions and inaction you create your fate.

Whoever holds the power over your informed decisions holds the power over your life’s outcomes.

By what principles do we makes our choices and decisions - "the source foundation for your choices?"

We create our own fate with the choices we make and the work we put in every day.

Every morning you have two choices, continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.

The choice is yours.

Dreams are nice but chasing your dreams will give you a happier, more productive life.

Your values will influence the choices you make in life and your work ethic will determine how far you go with it.

Think about it and meditate on it for a couple of minutes.

Now listen to this -

"Whether you have everything you ever desired in life or not you have the ability to be happy.

Or not.

It is up to you".

Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu

Happiness is a choice.

Don’t worry choose to be Happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your friend and Encourager bringing you value through thoughtful nuggets of encouragement that will lift you up and inspire you to believe again.

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