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Values In Action!

Values As Underpinning Principles For Your lifestyle.

What are values?

What values do you hold for your life?

This is defined as principles or standards of behaviour.

One’s judgement or determinant of what is important in life.

Values are standards or ideals with which we evaluate actions, people, things and situations.

Beauty, honesty, peace, loyalty, respect, generosity, are all examples of values that many people endorse.

Are you a man or woman of values?

What are your guiding values by which you live your life?

Your value in life are things that you believe are important in the way you live and work.

Your values tell me who you are.

Are your values guided by spiritual principles or secular principles.

Principles of “relativism” politically correctness.

Hmm 🤔

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." – Albert Einstein

Change the person in the mirror, and your world will change.

A person of value understands that -

Even a negative situation causes us to grow. That means everything is ultimately for our own good.

Look for the gifts in everything.

Go work on your values and embrace them- that’s who you are- “Your Core Values”

Find them, live them, sustain them for life’s directions and don’t compromise your values that guides and directs your life.

Let the world know why you're here, and do it with passion! ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Announce yourself through what you value to be true and believe to be authentic.

Don’t worry choose to be Happy.


You are blessed to be a blessing.

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