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Update Growth Your Status.

May I boldly announce to you that you have need to Update Growth Your Status.

Your Self Improvement Is Essential For Your Growth.

Are you smashing and beating your own records on a daily basis or you just remain on the same page, frequency and spot.

“A Status co”?

Your growth is essential for your self improvement.

Your assignment, personal development growth is essential for your self esteem and worth in affecting your environment and community.

The universe is waiting on your own contributions and you cannot give what you don’t have.

So, you have got train up (be equipped) to get up to be able to meaningfully contribute your own quota.

You cannot refuse to engage on improving yourself on a daily basis and expect to grow.

You must desire to improve yourself in all areas of your holistic life.

Thereby equipping yourself to meet the daily challenges of life with the right attitude, mindset, skills and right perspectives plus the desire to win.

Are you better than you were yesterday?

What are your own bench mark for ensuring you are better every day.

If you are not growing then you are dying slowly but surely.

Discipline yourself to self assess your progress in your journey of life.

Set targets for yourself within your set goals and plan to achieve them.

Listen to this my friend to these suggestions towards your self learning and growth-

•20% of self-improvement is listening to podcasts, reading, and drawing out a master plan.

•80% is actively putting yourself out there, taking action, learning lessons, and altering your plan as you go.

•You won't get anywhere just doing the 20%.-Oliver Anwar

Self discipline, commitment, persistence and devotion to excellence are essential for your success in ensuring you measure up to your own standards and targets set for yourself.

Just beat your own record on a daily basis growing everyday.

Be a risk taker.

Risk is unavoidable if you desire to achieve your laudable goal.

The key is to take the right risks.

Start now, and make a move in a positive direction.

Take a risk that’s going to move you forward, not backward.

If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more!

There is an assignment allocated for you to achieve and deliver on this side of eternity.

How are you doing with that assignment.

My friend, how far now?

Now, how do you achieve this assignment?

Check out this resource for the How?

Find out the “How” here now-

Don’t worry choose to be Happy.

You are blessed to be a blessing.

I am your Encourager, The Barnabas of our Time

Visit my website to get My Book for your own Encouragement as you pursue your Assignment and Purpose in Life.

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